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Trial Instructional Flight

Our TIF's give you a feel for what it's really like to fly an aeroplane.

The Trial Instructional Flight (TIF) is no joy flight. It's a 30-minute hands-on experience where you get to fly our Piper Tomahawk. You'll be one-on-one with an instructor who'll be giving you a pre-flight briefing about aircraft systems and flying in a nutshell. 

Student in front of tomahawk

This initial investment in flying training is just $150.00. Do it the smart way and talk to one of our skilled & experienced pilots to help plan your flying journey. 

Contact us on (02) 6021 2929 or email  


7x7Intro Course

What is the 7x7 Intro Course 

The 7x7 Intro Course is the smart way to try flying before you invest in a full training course: in other words, it is designed to expose a prospective pilot to the world of aviation. 

Who can do the course?

Just about anyone. You don’t need a medical or a licence application so it’s a straighforward way to get started. While some people find it easier than others, we know that with a bit of effort, almost anyone can reach the required standard. You might like to try our Trial Instructional Flight (TIF) first.

What does the course involve?

You will receive 7 pre-flight briefings and 7 one hour practical flying lessons for an all-inclusive fee of $1800. Lessons will include a ground briefing as well as a total of 7 hours flight time.

The lessons are:

  1. The effect of controls
  2. Straight and level
  3. Climbing and descending
  4. Turning
  5. Stall recovery
  6. Revision
  7. Circuits

Lessons cover the theory behind each skill set before taking to the sky with your instructor.

How long is the course? 

Quick answer: two months.

The course is very flexible and bookings can be made at times that suit you and your instructor. But because we’re only human, breaks in learning inevitably lead to us forgetting important information, so we strongly recommend all seven lessons be completed within two months.

What if l want to learn more?

As the name suggests, the course is designed as an introduction to the world of aviation. It is a complete course in itself for those simply wanting to learn how to fly an aircraft, or alternatively, it can be the first step towards an ongoing hobby or career.

After completing the 7x7 Intro Course, the next step is to go solo. You will have already learnt the basics, so then it’s a matter of practicing until you can fly on your own. You then learn to navigate using charts and navigation aids, and progress towards a Private Pilot Licence. After that, a Commercial Pilot Licence, Night Rating and Multi Engine Instrument Rating are all within reach.

Just ask your instructor for more details about further training.

Contact us on (02) 6021 2929 or email

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School Holiday Program 

Khaled with School Holiday Program

What does the course involve?

Smartair instructors teach the basics of flying , both flying practicals and theory over a 5-day period. Classes run from 8.00am through to 5.30pm each day from Smartair's base at Albury Airport. 

Each morning after a collective briefing on that day's exercises, students are then able to take to the sky in turn, with the instructor beside them. After flying, it's right back down to earth because students need to study modules from the supplied theory books to cover the syllabus required for the pre-solo exam. 

Practical Component

  • Effects of controls
  • Straight & level
  • Climbing & descending
  • Turning
  • Stall recovery

Theory Component

  • Aerodynamics
  • Air law
  • Emergency procedures
  • Radio theory 

When does it run and how much?

We will be running the course on throughout School Holidays. Please give us a call on (02) 6021 2929 to find prices and more information on running times.

What is the course? 

The School Holiday Program is a course designed to give students who want to make aviation their career and give them a head start. It's the smart way for budding aviators to get a taste of flying - because they actually get in the air and learn the basics. Students can then make an informed choice about becoming a career pilot or recreational pilot.


Who can do the course?

Just about anyone who is capable of controlling an aircraft. Our focus is on school students who can't wait to get started in their aviation career, but maybe you've enjoyed a Trial Instructional Flight (TIF) and want to learn more. You don't need a medical or a licence application, so it's straight forward way to get started.  

What's included? 

  • Pilots Logbook
  • Recreational Pilots Licence study guide
  • 5 individual Briefings with one of our qualified instructors 
  • 5 individual one hour flights, one-on-one with one of our instructors. 
Khaled around plane with School Holiday Program Students

How do I Learn more?

Our instructors will be happy to discuss how you can build on your School Holiday Program experience to achieve the licence that is right for you. 
Get in touch with us through either email, phone or enquiry form and we will assist in any way possible. 


See our students who have taken to the skies with Smartair

student taking control of flight richard with student Richard with student thumbs up Instructor with Studnet Student inside Plane after TIF Student with Tomahawk older gentleman taking to the skies


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