Digital Creations

New to Smartair in 2024!

Commencing in 2024, Smartair will team up with talented freelance digital artist Brigitte Mol ( to create a next level service for its Clients,

Students and Trial Introductory Flight participants in GA and RAAus.

The service will see a photo of your choice in your aircraft cleverly transformed into a cartoon caricature.

The size and price of this special digital memory vary and range between $200 and $300 and can be ordered on the day of your flight.

If this service interests you contact:

P: 02 6021 2929



Pricing & Posting 


Colour - $250
Black and white - $200


A4 print - $7
A3 print - $10.50


Pick up SmartAir - free
Aus Post  - $20

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