What some of our clients are saying about us

"I would like to thank you and the team at SmartAir in helping me in my flying journey transitioning me from an RAAUS Pilot Certificate to a CASA RPL and soon a PPL.

I recently changed my aircraft from a low and slow STOL Zenith 701 to a fast aerobatic Vans RV7A, this would not have been possible without the help of the SmartAir maintenance and flight Instructor teams.

I have found SmartAir to be a friendly team, motivated to make me the most capable and  safest pilot I can be, (my goals too). They also worked with and supervised me in fixing numerous small faults with my new aircraft.

I can highly  recommend SmartAir to anyone wanting to progress their flying skills or needing maintenance assistance or advice."
Gordon Watkin RPL Conversion & DFE Student
"My ambition,  in retirement, was to get a pilots licence so I can fly locally and also the occasional trip away, the RAAus RPC and a Light Sports Aircraft (LSA) is proving to be the ideal choice.

Since starting my RAAus Recreational Pilot Certificate (RPC) quest with Smartair and RAAus CFI, Richard in April 2022, I have completed all syllabus flights, theory exams and only 0.2 of an hour of solo time to complete before my RPC flight test.

I believe it is the easiest and most cost effective option and definitely a whole lot of fun. I have enjoyed a lifetime association and an amazing career in aviation but I continually put off getting my light aircraft licence, my mistake, but I’m fixing it now!
Roger Valkenburg Inaugral RAAus student
"For me it started as a gift for a ‘Trial Introductory Flight’ and resulted in a very happy PPL Pilot all with the incredible team at Smartair. They are a very passionate and professional team and the instructors go that extra mile to help.

After completing my PPL, I required a Design Feature Endorsement, and again Smartair went above and beyond to assist me in attaining this.

Richard flew to my local airstrip on a number of times to ensure I received the necessary training with extra consideration to my time commitments and associated costs.

So much appreciation and I could not express how highly I recommend Smartair!"
Aaron Brain  PPL Pilot and DFE student
"I’d like to express my appreciation for the team at Smartair and in particular Maz who has been my Instructor since late 2021.

Maz has been a dependable mentor throughout my flying experience and I’m grateful for her cool, calm & patient training methods.  

She’s an asset to Smartair

... ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐"️
Michael Tilders SMA Student Pilot
"Last weekend Jasmine finally got to use her birthday present. She had a trial instructional flight with Smartair. She got to take off and land and even had a chat with the tower.

What an awesome experience.

The Instructor, Richard, was so wonderful and made it such an amazing experience. They even filmed it all for her. Highly recommend to anyone looking for a unique gift.

Jazz was absolutely buzzing when she returned. I have a feeling this won’t be her last flight Check her video out:

Kellie Gordes Jazz's Mum & awesome gift giver


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