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  • Less waiting around, quicker connections, and no more missed flights or lost luggage
  • Fly to multiple destinations in one day
  • Fly to remote or regional locations the major airlines don't service
  • Structure the timetable around your business commitments

Call and discuss with us your needs and we will provide you with a non-obligation free quotation 


Your chartered aircraft becomes your mobile office, increasing travel time productivity. Chartering indeed enables business people to accomplish more in a day, and consequently in a week or month. Charter passengers are less fatigued by long-distance travel, thanks to efficient scheduling, hence post-trip productivity increases.

Family time is vitally important to most people, so chartering aircraft for business travel means fewer nights away from home, resulting in much happier and more productive staff.


Chartering is the solution to accessing remotely located work sites. Be it a delivery of equipment or personnel, chartering an aircraft demonstrates that you're prepared to 'do whatever it takes' to get the job done. Shuttle flights to access significant projects in locations not serviced by scheduled airlines can be very time and cost-efficient.


When privacy and security are paramount, chartering your own aircraft provides protection from public scrutiny and ensures confidentiality. 


Smartair is happy to help you work out the best solution to your transport needs. Our charter pilots are highly qualified and have vast experience in all conditions. Our twin-engine charter aircraft have sophisticated navigation equipment and fly in all but the most severe weather conditions.

Clients who trust and use Smartair as part of their business strategy save time and money!


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