AELP Assessments & CTA/CTR training now available

Controlled Airspace Endorsement (RPCA)

The RPCA forms part of the RPL and PPL at Smartair, however the training is available for those RPL and PPL who have not completed the endorsement as part of their flight training.

The endorsement allows the pilot to fly into Class Charlie and Delta controlled airspace, expanding the list of airports you can travel to across Australia.

The training includes Air Law theory and a series of flights departing from Albury into Canberra and Essendon and concludes with an assessment flight.

Note: This is currently not available for RAAus Pilots.

Aviation English Language Proficiency Testing (AELP)

Smartair is able to conduct and submit AELP assessments.

The aviation English language proficiency (AELP) assesses your verbal proficiency in English and aviation terminology which is required to use an aeronautical radio.

Non Smartair students will incur an administration fee as part of the assessment.


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