The Recreational Pilot Certificate

What does the RAAus Recreational Pilot Certificate (RPC) look like?

The training program consists of a number of flying lessons called ‘sequences'. These sequences build on each other and assist you in developing the practical skills that you require to fly solo.

Each sequence is supported by a ‘briefing’ which has a number of elements, broadly it:

  • Introduces you to the lesson you are about to commence
  • Teaches you the underpinning theory to understand the sequence
  • Briefs you on what you will be undertaking practically in the aircraft; and
  • Allows you to ask and clear up and questions prior to getting airborne

The mandatory sequences are:

How many hours is the Recreational Pilot Certificate?

 The minimum hours for the RPC is 20 hours with 5 hours being In Command (solo)

Are there any exams?

Yes, there are 6 exams, as follows:

  • Pre Solo and Training Area Solo
  • Radio
  • Air Legislation
  • Human Factors; and
  • Basic Aeronautical Knowledge

Are there any books or reference materials I need to purchase?

Yes, there are books and reference materials that are required. Speak to our Chief Flying Instructor for recommended materials for the RPC program.

Where to after I attain my RPC?

Transitioning to a Recreational Pilots Licence is an option, however there are a number endorsements that an RPC holder can work towards completing; these being:

  • Radio Operator
  • Passenger Carriage
  • Cross Country
  • Formation
  • Low Level
  • Glider Towing
  • Hang Glider Towing
  • Theory Instructor
  • Nose Wheel
  • Tail Wheel
  • Two-stroke
  • In-flight Adjustable Propeller
  • Retractable Undercarriage
  • Waterborne Operations - Floats
  • Waterborne Operations - Floating Hull


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