RAAus Training Packages

RAAus Trial Instructional Flight

Our Trial Flights give you a feel for what it is really like to fly an aeroplane.

The Trial Instructional Flight is no joy flight.

It's a 30 or 60 minute hands-on experience where you get to fly our Foxbat A22LS.

You'll be one-on-one with our Instructor who'll give you a pre-flight briefing about aircraft systems and flying as part of the flight.

This initial investment in flight training is just $165.00 for 30 minutes or $300.00 for 60 minutes.

Do it the smart way and talk to one of our skilled & experienced pilots to help plan your flying journey. 

Contact us on (02) 6021 2929 or email flying@smartair.com.au.

PURCHASE 60 minute TIF PURCHASE 60 minute TIF

RAAus School Holiday Program 

** Next Program planned for - January 2025 **

What is the course? 

The RAAus School Holiday Program is a course designed to give students who want to make aviation their career and give them a head start. It's the smart way for budding aviators to get a taste of flying - because they actually get in the air and learn the basics. Students can then make an informed choice about becoming a career pilot or recreational pilot.


Who can attend the course?

Just about anyone who is capable of controlling an aircraft. Our focus is on school students who can't wait to get started in their aviation career, but maybe you've enjoyed a Trial Instructional Flight (TIF) and want to learn more.

You don't need a medical or a licence application, so it's straight forward way to get started.  

Course size

Minimum students is 3 and maximum is 4- a personalised experience is guaranteed

What's included? 

  • Lesson briefing handouts
  • 4 Briefings with one of our qualified RAAus instructors 
  • 3 Individual one hour flights, one-on-one with one of our RAAus Instructors in our beautifully presented Foxbat 8344 (below)
  • Light lunch & drinks included
  • A Foxbat Cap as a memento and a video of one of the training flights!

What is the content of the program?

We offer a 4-day program which will result in an approximate 6 hour day

Day 1 

AM programme - Aerodrome Safety, Basic Aeronautical Knowledge, Meteorology and Aerodynamics 
PM programme - The Foxbat, systems and Maintenance Release and pre-flight check

Day 2 

AM Programme - Effects of Controls / Straight & Level  flight briefing 
PM programme - flight sequences for students

Day 3 

AM Programme - Climbing & Descending / Turns flight briefing 
programme - flight sequences for students

Day 4 

AM Programme - Aerodynamic Stalls and Circuits flight briefing 
programme - flight sequences for students

How do I Learn more?

Our instructors will be happy to discuss how you can build on your School Holiday Program experience to achieve the licence that is right for you. 
Get in touch with us through either email, phone or enquiry form and we will assist in any way possible. 


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