General Competency Training

Foxbat 24-8344 is currently online at Smartair’s RAAus school based in Albury, NSW.

Along with Recreational Pilot Certificate and Navigation Endorsement training, the aircraft is available for Biannual Flight Review and General Competency Training for new and existing Aeroprakt Aircraft owners.

The General Competency Rule is contained within CASR 61.385 and is a cornerstone of safe operations.  It applies to all Flight Crew License holders, from the recreational pilot right through to air transport pilots.

Essentially, prior to commencing a flight pilots must ask themselves “am I capable of conducting the operation safely?” – which is the equivalent of the medical “fitness to fly” question, however it relates to the technical and operational aspects of flying.

Flight training on Aeroprakt-22LS airplane foresees 5 hours of flying in accordance with the normal flight procedures, described in Pilot Operating Handbook.

It covers the following:

Other flight training can be tailored to meet the needs of pilots and facilitated through Smartair.

Contact our Chief Flying Instructor for further details and aircraft availability.

Richard McClelland Chief Flying Instructor (RAAus)



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