RAAus Instructor Course

The Smartair RAAus Instructor rating is the next professional aviation step for a Recreational Pilot Certificate holder.

The ideal candidate is a pilot who wishes to impart their aviation knowledge, skills and experience by instructing other recreational pilots at a registered RAAus Flight Training School.

Candidates do not need to hold a Commercial Pilots Licence however, they do require the following prerequisites:

  •      RAAus Recreational Pilots Certificate (and current membership)
  •      Cross Country, Passenger and Radio Endorsement's
  •      75hrs pilot in command time with 100hrs aeronautical experience
  •      Completed a recognised PMI course

The Smartair RAAus Instructor course consists of both in flight training and in class theory conducted by our RAAus CFI Richard McClelland, an experienced GA and RAAus Instructor.

The minimum course requirements set by RAAus are 30 hours ground school and 20 hours dual instruction.  As our Instructor Rating Course is competency based actual costs will depend on aptitude, learning rate and meeting the core competencies.

Our key resource is the RAAus Flight Instructor Reference Manual


We also encourage you to review this webpage from RAAus - https://www.raa.asn.au/calendar-of-events/latest-news/article/?id=setting-the-standards

Course Costing

There are two elements to the RAAus Instructor course; the on-ground and in-air (flying) components. 

Minimum on-ground school costs of $4,500 are to be expected and in-air (flying) costs approximately $6,500.00 per person based on training conducted in our Foxbat A22LS.

The recommended text "RAAus Flight Instructor Reference Manual" will also be required and can be purchased directly through RAAus website.

Course Size

Minimum two (2) candidates and Maximum four (4)

Course Dates

Dates for 2024 are yet to be finalised

Express an interest in enrolling by contacting Richard McClelland RAAus CFI 


02 6021 2929


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